RK19 rack for radio telescope

RK19 rack for radio telescope

RK19 is the rack for radio telescope that is designed to allow you install all the Radio2Space receivers, antenna control units and accessories that fit in a 19″ rack. RK19 has 24 units, it comes with a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to let you connect (with remote on/off) up to 8 devices and 4 fans with temperature sensor to keep control on your devices temperature.

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Keep your receivers and radio telescope accessories perfectly organized with the RK19 rack.

By adding the RK19 rack to your radio telescope you can install receivers, antenna control units and other accessories (19″, up to 24 units space): this way all the devices will be perfectly organized in a single container, with the power and data cables in the rack. RK19 rack has one front door and 2 rear doors (with perforated metal mesh to let air flow). You can also remove the side panel in order to give you an easier access to the installed devices. Specifications:

Dimensions: 600mm (width) x 800mm (depth) x 1200mm (height)
Weight: 60 kg
Number of units: 24 (19″)
Fans: 4
Temperature control: yes, with temperature probe
PDU: yes, up to 8 devices, active power control with remote on/off


RK19 rack for radio telescope


In the picture above you can see an example of application of the RK19 rack for radio telescope. The rack is installed in the radio telescope control room and, in the picture above, you can see from top to the bottom:

  • Radio over fiber kit for SPIDER radio telescope
  • PDU with 8 power ports
  • RCPU antenna control unit
  • H142-One radio astronomy receiver
  • BKND-Pro backend
  • CMP-19 computer

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