Radio2Space designs, develops and sells radio telescopes for Radio Astronomy and Satellite Communication.

A first in the market, Radio2Space radio telescopes bring professional-level technology to the educational (schools, universities, science museums) and research (science institutes, space agencies) markets at an affordable price.


Radio2Space: about us, laboratory

Radio2Space: about us, laboratory


When used for radio astronomy, Radio2Space radio telescopes bypass the typical limitations of optical telescopes: there is no need to wait for nighttime or favorable weather conditions, and radio telescopes are not limited by light pollution. These innovative, turnkey instruments allow any person without specialized technical skills to do astronomy anytime, anywhere. Radio2Space radio telescopes allow users to record radio waves from radio sources in our Solar System, from the Milky Way, and from distant galaxies or nebulas. Users can analyze and process the data, detect spectra and generate radio maps of many objects.

Radio2Space radio telescopes allow any science or educational institution to own and operate the most affordable scientific systems – even for space communications. Thanks to specially developed technologies, Radio2Space radio telescopes can support spacecraft exploration and satellite missions in Earth orbit.


Radio2Space: about us, laboratory


Radio telescopes are remotely operated to control antenna position, and record and process data to detect weak signals. Users are able to record telemetry data transmitted to Earth via radio signals from spacecraft or perform radio science by analyzing the signals emitted by spacecraft. Radio2Space radio telescopes use very precise mounts that allow accurate tracking of spacecraft – combined with using high directivity antennas, background noise is reduced helping to detect faint signals from spacecraft.

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