WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount

WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount


WP-400 is the giant computerized and weatherproof antenna mount we designed in order to move very large and heavy parabolic antennas with high precision and reliability also in severe environmental conditions. Thanks to a precise design and superior engineering, this antenna mount allows you to use up to 5 meter diameter antennas with a weight up to 400 kg, making the WP-400 the optimal choice for many applications (like radio astronomy and satellite communication) also for installations in remote locations. 

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Radio2Space antenna mounts are designed to allow you use large and heavy antennas, remotely controlling position and tracking with very high precision and reliability. WP-400 antenna mount is designed to meet the requirements of many applications like radio astronomy, satellite communication, tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles, sun tracking systems, etc.


WP-400 is the weatherproof alt-az mount for antennas up to 5 meter diameter

We designed the WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount to allow you to install and move the large parabolic antennas, also in severe conditions. This way you can have the antenna permanently outside (installed on a special column with a concrete foundation, to be prepared for the secure installation of the mount) and it’s not necessary to have an extra protection (that would be too large and expensive for such a large antenna).  Equipped with automatic tracking and goto system controlled with the antenna control unit, it allows you to frame and track your target with great precision.


WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount


Very high load capacity and precision mount for antennas up to 5 meter diameter

The WP-400 mount has 400 Kg load capacity and it has been specifically designed to allow the use a 5 meter diameter antenna with winds up to 50 km/h. It can also be equipped with a special electronic security system (optional) which “parks” the antenna pointed at the Zenith (the vertical position) when the wind exceeds 50 Km/h, offering the lowest resistance to the wind. The WP-400 mount comes with very high precision encoders (resolution of 0,0015°) in order to offer the best pointing and tracking performances.


WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount


WP-400 weatherproof computerized mount: specifications

Type: computerized alt-az
Load capacity: 400 kg
Weatherproof: yes
Azimuth movement: 0-360°
Elevation movement: 0-90°
Stepper motors with encoders
Encoders resolution: 0,0015°
Max speed in AZ and EL: 2°/sec
Power unit and remote control system RCPU-400 for control room
Remote control with RadioUniversePRO software


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