WP-100 weatherproof computerized mount

WP-100 weatherproof computerized mount


You can make radio astronomy both by daytime and nighttime: for specific frequencies like 1420 MHz, even when it’s cloudy, since the these frequency radio waves are not blocked by clouds. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, we designed the WP-100 altazimuth mount, completely weatherproof, allowing you to leave the radio telescope permanently installed outside and remotely controlled using our RadioUniversePRO software.

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Equipped with automatic tracking and goto system controlled by the radio telescope software, it allows you to frame with great precision the Universe radio sources and move the antenna with a continuous and precise tracking. The WP-100 mount has 100 Kg load capacity and a very high precision pointing and tracking (encoders read resolution 0,0015°).

It can also be equipped with a special electronic security system (optional) which “park” the antenna pointing the Zenith (the vertical position) when the wind exceeds 50 Km/h, so the radio telescope moves to the position that offers the lower resistance to the wind and it’s locked safely.

WP-100 weatherproof computerized altazimuth mount

technical features

Mount type Alt-az
Load capacity (kg) 100
Remote control Yes
Tripod No
Pier Optional
Counterweights Yes
Motors Stepper
Maximum slewing speed 90°/min
Power supply 220v (opzionale 110v)

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