SETI module

for RadioUniversePRO

SETI module for RadioUniversePRO extends the use of RadioUniversePRO and of the new high resolution backend for SETI (Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) application with the aim of detecting possible detections of artificial signals on a list of known radio sources.

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Added features of the SETI module:

1) Visualization of calibrated spectra (ON-OFF-CAL) in real time and shown in SETI visualization: On-Off-Cal calibration automatic procedure, radiometric baseline subtraction automatic procedure

2) Database Targets: targets loading from custom files on disk, creation of specific catalogues, database data visualization

3) Targets orbital models: computation of target orbital positions having known orbital parameters, computation of target orbital positions having not completely known orbital parameters, computation of real time doppler effect for target

4) Scheduler: computation procedure of database targets visibility, selection of targets, 3D visualization with selected target position, module for computation of integration time

5) Detection analysis: analysis to highlight possible emissions from spectrum, pre-filtering, check for possible artifacts, high resolution spectrogram with ROI in dopplered target, time verification of possible structures beyond the threshold

6) Full integration data: calibrated dedopplering of every spectrum and buffering for the next full-integration, complete integration of all calibrated spectra, full integration spectra visualization, self verification tool for detecting structures on the spectrum

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