H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer for 1420 MHz frequency

H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer

for 1420 MHz frequency

H142-One receiver is the radio astronomy receiver developed by Radio2Space for 1420 MHz frequency radio astronomy. It’s a superheterodyne type radiometer/spectrometer, double conversion (type UP/DOWN) with 50 MHz received instantaneous bandwidth (RF = 1.395MHz-1.445) and 14-bit analog to digital converter. The H142-One receiver has spectrometer with 1024 channels (each 61 KHz) that are displayed and processed in real time by the RadioUniversePRO control software supplied with the SPIDER radio telescope. Thanks to the high gain and the low electronic noise of this receiver, the receiver is able to record many radio sources in the Universe.

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H142-One 1420 MHz radio astronomy receiver has been designed and developed by Radio2Space, with the collaboration of the Bologna INAF Institute of Radio Astronomy, the CNR-IEIIT and several technical users with many years of experience in this field. H142-One has been specially developed to offer the professional technologies used by radio astronomers for radio astronomy research in a scientifically certified, easy and ready to use receiver, perfect even with compact size antennas. H142-One is designed to be expandable thanks to two dedicated IF outputs: this is also the perfect instrument for educational and research institutions that want to create a radio astronomy program (for example, developing their own backend to connect to the H142-One receiver).

H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer, 1420 MHz


Radio2Space designers have also taken great care in reducing interferences through careful use of radio frequency shielding. In fact, the H142-One receiver has a double shield made not only through the same H142-One case (which is completely metal) but also on each individual internal modules.



In the front panel there are connection ports: Ethernet port to connect receiver to the control computer where the RadioUniversePRO software is installed. CH1 and CH2 ports provide a high stability 10 MHz signal (obtained from the GPS inside the receiver) useful, for example, for any lab instrument calibration. IF1 and IF2 ports allow you to bypass the internal control and processing interface of the H142-One receiver and allow, for example, to connect an external backend. LO1 and LO2 USB ports are technical maintenance ports and allow to program local oscillators.


H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer


In the rear panel, added to the power in port for the receiver, there are two IN1 and IN2 inputs ports for RF signal for left and right polarizations from the LNAs. CAL port connects the optional calibration system developed specifically for the H142-One receiver. There is also the output of the GPS antenna cable (cable length 3 meters).


H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer, 1420 MHz


H142-One radio astronomy receiver, spectrometer and radiometer: specifications

  • Type: Radiometer/spectrometer
  • Frequency: 1420 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • ADC resolution: 14 bit
  • PC connection: Ethernet
  • Power: 110-230V
  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 44 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 10 Kg

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