GS-100 antenna tracking system

GS-100 antenna tracking system

100kg payload capacity

GS-100 is the most affordable but with very high performances antenna tracking system for satellite communication that we designed to support antennas up to 100 kg in weight and 3 meter diameter. GS-100 is the best antenna tracking system if you search for a device with a very affordable price but with high precision and reliability also in severe environmental conditions, to use in applications like satellite communication.

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Equipped with automatic tracking and goto system controlled by the control software, GS-100 allows you to move the antenna with a continuous and precise tracking. The GS-100 antenna tracking system has 100 Kg load capacity and a very high precision pointing and tracking (encoders read resolution 0,0015°).


GS-100 antenna tracking system for satellite communication


It can also be used with the “Ultrasonic Wind Sensor” to park the antenna in stow position (pointing the Zenith) when the wind exceeds 50 Km/h, so the radio telescope moves to the position that offers the lower resistance to the wind and it’s safe.


GS-100 antenna tracking system: specifications

Type: alt-az antenna tracking system
Load capacity: 100 kg
Weatherproof: yes
Azimuth movement: 0-360°
Elevation movement: 0-90°
Stepper motors with encoders
Encoders resolution: 0,0015°
Max speed in AZ and EL: 2°/sec
Power unit and remote control system RCPU-100 for control room
Remote control with provided commands over serial protocol

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