CMP-19 computer for radio telescopes

CMP-19 computer

for radio telescopes

CMP-19 is the Windows 10 Pro computer to be installed on a standard 19″ rack and it’s the best solution to install RadioUniversePRO software and remotely control Radio2Space radio telescopes. CMP-19 has the same form factor of all the other Radio2Space instruments that can be installed on a rack.

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CMP-19 is the best “Command Module Pilot” for your radio telescope.

During the Apollo missions that allowed men to reach the Moon, the Command Module Pilot task was guidance and navigation. That’s why we named CMP-19 the perfect computer to be installed on a 19″ rack and to control our radio telescopes. Specifications:

Processor: Intel i7
SSD: 240 GB
USB ports: 6
Ethernet port: 3
Operative system: Windows 10 Professional


CMP-19 computer for radio telescopes


All the instruments in the control room are designed to be installed also in a 19″ rack. We can provide an optional 24 units rack (19″) that allows the installation and management of all the instruments in the best way. Rack dimensions are 800x600x1200 mm, it comes with temperature control system with temperature probe and 8 power ports to power all the radio telescope components and allow you to remotely turn power on or off. This is the best solution in order to let you remotely control the radio telescope.


Complete rack for SPIDER radio telescopes

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