BKND-Pro backend for radio astronomy and SETI

BKND-Pro backend

For radio astronomy and SETI

BKND-Pro is the professional radio astronomy and SETI backend that we specifically developed for SPIDER radio telescopes to bring the most advanced professional technology to the world of education.

Connected to the H142-One receiver of SPIDER radio telescopes, BKND-Pro backend allows you to sample the signal much more accurately than the integrated H142-One spectrometer, bringing the resolution up to 2 Hz in the entire 50 MHz band captured by the radio telescope!

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BKND-Pro is designed to allow advanced measurements for radio astronomy research and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Controlled by the RadioUniversePRO software, it is possible to select 2 operating modes:

1) High speed – Radio Astronomy: to sample the entire band in 100,000 channels with a spectral resolution of 500 Hz, perfect for different studies in radio astronomy such as the precise measurements of the differential doppler effect in the neutral hydrogen line in the Milky Way or Pulsar detection.

2) High resolution – SETI: to sample the entire band up to 25 million channels with a spectral resolution of 2 Hz, perfect to perform SETI research.

Radio2Space BKND-Pro backend

Currently BKND-Pro backend is in an advanced stage of development so the final technical features may vary. BKND-Pro is designed to be used together with SPIDER radio telescopes and RadioUniversePRO software.

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